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Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:33 am

Hello everyone and welcome to F&A! You are welcome to create as many characters as you feel you can keep up with. I ask only that you fill out the below application for each character. Please fill out the form and create a new thread. Another moderator or I will shortly review it and then you will be free to join in the fun.

F&A is set in Asimov's Foundation universe, but aliens are allowed. As mentioned in the site setting, aliens from the Andromeda galaxy have begun to arrive in the Milky Way. If you are an alien I ask that you please include a description (100~300 words) of your species so that it can be added to the Encyclopedia Galactica.

Planet of Birth:



[b]Planet of Birth:[/b]


[b]History: [/b]


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