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Site Setting [Read First]

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:21 am

550 years ago Hari Seldon, Professors of Mathematics and inventor of Psychohistory, founded the Foundation on the planet Terminus. The official purpose of the Foundation was to collect the sum of human knowledge into an Encyclopedia Galactica. Within fifty years the true purpose of the Foundation was revealed: to create a new Galactic Empire. The old Galactic Empire, based on Trantor, had fallen into stagnation and many of the outer worlds had begun to declare independence. Without the intervention of Seldon's Foundation it was calculated that humanity would fall into a dark age of thirty thousand years. With Seldon's Foundation however that dark age would be shortened to only a thousand years.

Since then the Trantorian Empire, the Mule and the Second Foundation have all been defeated by the Foundation. The Foundation has control of about three fourths of the Milky Way Galaxy. Many suspect it will not be long before the second Galactic Empire is created and humanity's dark age end. What in the galaxy possibly challenge the Foundation now? Nothing.

However there are plenty of things outside the galaxy that can. Humanity has been space faring for thousands of years now and in all that time they have found no intelligent alien life. That has now changed - aliens from the Andromeda galaxy have begun to arrive in the Milky Way. Most of them are traders seeking new markets or are refugees seeking a new home. Despite the peaceful nature of these aliens the discovery has shaken the Foundation. The last time that they faced a non-human, the Mule, the Seldon Plan was thrown hundreds of years off course. Even then the Mule was merely one mutant human. What will countless of aliens do?

This is where Foundation and Andromeda begins. Will you help the Foundation unite the remainder of the Milky Way into a Second Galactic Empire? Will you instead aid the aliens conquer the galaxy? Or are you yourself an alien? The future of the Seldon Plan is up to you.

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